Who we are

W4Research is a health science and marketing consulting firm established in 2014.
We are a portuguese private limited company with 100% national capital, composed of a multidisciplinary team with recognized experience in the field of consulting, research and training in health, acquired in the context of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Contract Research Organisations.
We integrate valences of medicine, marketing, social sciences and health research.


W4Research’s Quality Management System act as one of the pillars for the continuous improvement of the company’s performance. Its policy is based on the professional development of w4 researcher’s employees, aiming at their satisfaction and performance quality. With the ultimate goal of added value for the customers, w4research assumes their client’s continued satisfaction as a way to promote the company sustainability


  • Highly educated talented people: fourth place in most spoken foreign languages (high proficiency in English, French, Spanish and German)*
  • Leader in a diversified range of sectors from Renewable Energies to Information and Communication Technologies*
  • Healthcare system:*
    • Excellent professionals
    • Modern equipment
    • Top rate indicators
    • Quality regularly assessed by an independent national regulatory organization
    • Growing number of hospitals achieving international accreditation
  • Three main university poles: Lisbon, Oporto and Coimbra (one of the most antiques universities in the world)

 Source: aicep Portugal Gobal – Trade & Investment Agency *